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integra32 title

Advanced Client-Server design…
- Includes 10 simultaneous fully functional clients over LAN/WAN.


Multiple site management…
- Control an unlimited number of sites from a single location with complete database, graphics and history segregation.


Optimum system capacity…
- Up to 99 system operators with individually definable privileges and a choice of languages
- Up to 64 Integra32™ controllers
- Up to 128 access points (128 IN and 128 OUT readers), 512 inputs and 512 outputs
- Up to 32 networks (64 with 128-door software), including direct, TCP/IP, dial-up and wireless
- 5,000 cards per panel, expandable to 8,000
- 32 schedules with 8 time zones each
- 40 user definable holidays
- 10 digit card numbers


Personalized disability privileges...
- Disabled cardholders can be accommodated with extended door unlock times and dedicated automatic door activation.


High Security Mode...
- Dynamically suspend and re-instate access privileges for regular cardholders while maintaining access for specially authorized cards. This mode can be activated by “Four Swipe”, system link, or an operator command from any Security Workstation.

- Global and local anti-passback supports soft or hard enforcement and anti-tailgating. This feature also includes scheduled area reset, live status monitoring and timed anti-passback.

Global Link Commands…
- System is capable of creating an unlimited number of system-wide automation command sequences with steps individually enabled by schedules.



Alarm Acknowledgment...
- Alarms can be individually configured for a required acknowledgement, restricted by schedule with up to 99 priority levels and associated instructions.


Elevator Control...
- Integra32™ URC-2008 controllers provide an inexpensive, simple to install and configure, PC independent way to control access to up to 32 floors per 2-cab controller.



Alarm Panels...
- PC-100 Integration Gateway allows Integra32™ to monitor inputs on the 3rd party burglar alarm panels via built in automation by linking the alarm panel’s expansion bus or serial port. Integra32 provides many additional Alarm Panel integration features including “Access Granted” initiated alarm point shunt and arming/disarming based on…
• Access control activity
• “Two Swipe” locking/unlocking feature
• Locked/Unlocked state of Access Point
• Code Reader Link actions
• Schedules


Additional features include, but not limited to…
- “First person delay”
- “Man-trap” (or “Air-lock”) logic
- “Code Reader Links” – code-based system automation
- “Door held open” alarm and warning
- Up to 10 uniquely configured cards per cardholder
- Scheduled locking/unlocking, reader and keypad operation
- Fully configurable visual cardholder verification
- Customized formats for exporting reports to any other application
- Time and attendance reports
- Integrates with most Human Resources systems


Additional and optional Modules:


Integra Photo ID and Badging...
A fully integrated Photo ID module is designed to provide an easy to use and powerful tool for creating high quality personalized credentials. A sophisticated badge design tool allows for creation of professional looking template layouts. Features include…
- Dual sided badge design and printing
- Signature and fingerprint capture and magstripe encoding
- Use USB or IP cameras with direct access to native settings
- Multiple templates, horizontal and vertical designs

Download the PDF Specification Sheet 
View the PDF Specification Sheet 


Biometric Readers Integration...
Integra32™ makes use of biometric methods of user identification and verification even more convenient by integrating fingerprint enrollment into cardholder management screen. …
- USB or door readers can be used for enrollment
- Automatic fingerprint download via Ethernet
- Enroll up to 10 fingerprints per person
- Multiple brands and models supported



CCTV and DVR Integration...
Over the Internet or office LAN, the system user has direct system-wide access to live video, event viewing, history event based video search and video export functionality. Custom tailored assignments link individual Access and Monitoring Points to specific cameras across multiple DVRs, providing an ability to set pre and post-alarm viewing preferences and PTZ shots.

Supporting multiple DVRs and NVRs from different manufacturers on the same system simultaneously provides enhanced flexibility and freedom of choice of manufacturer. By simplifying video search and allowing Access Point control directly from the live video screen, Integra32 provides a wide range of user friendly features.

Main screen_input_alarm

Download the PDF Specification Sheet 
View the PDF Specification Sheet 


Management Via Web Browser...
Configuring the Web Server on the Integra32 system, will allow operators to control and administer the security system via a web browser from any operating system:
- Edit cards, schedules, access levels
- Monitor and control doors, alarm points and relay outputs 
- Run database and activity reports
- Use any browser

Download the PDF Specification Sheet 
View the PDF Specification Sheet 


Visitor Management...
Welcoming visitors while insuring security of your facility can be challenging. To make this task easier, Integra32 makes available a powerful yet easy to use and feature rich Visitor Management module.
- Pre-registration and Quick look up
- Quick visitor check in and check out
- Issue pre-configured access cards
- Take pictures of the visitors
- Print visitor’s photo ID badge
- Live tracking of visitor’s card activity
- Define custom information fields


Download the PDF Specification Sheet 
View the PDF Specification Sheet 

Database Import...
The Integra32™ Card Import Utility is used to import cards and cardholder data from a text file into your Integra32™ database.
- Import from TEXT / SQL files
- Automate Import (set import time / frequency)
- Automatically download cardholder database changes to control panels



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