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High Density Universal Reader Controller

The URC-2004 Universal Reader Controller allows control of four access control points (doors). It utilizes flash firmware for easy upgrades, and employs fully distributed intelligence for off-line operations. Decisions such as access level changes, schedule activation and card expiration are made by the URC-2004 controller without the need of a computer.

The panel contains on-board clock and memory backup as well as thermal overload protection. URC-2004 supports fully supervised communication via RS-485 and TCP/IP with selectable communication speed up to 56.6Kbps.

Connect to the Integra32 Server PC via LIF-200 TCP/IP Gateway or directly  via a USB/RS485 converter, for a total of up to 8 panels per controller network.

Each URC-2004 Universal Reader Controller has a capacity of storing 3,000 unique 10 digit card numbers, 10 unique site codes and 3,000 off line transactions in its event buffer.  In addition Each URC-2004 Universal Reader Controller can simultaneously read up to 5 distinct  Wiegand or Clock & Data card formats.

The URC-2004 has 8 fully programmable four state monitoring, NO / NC supervised inputs & 8 fully programmable Fail Safe / Fail secure outputs (4 x 5A @ 30VDC SPDT dry contacts and 4 x 12VDC 100mA electronic drivers).

The URC-2004 Universal Reader Controller includes a lockable metal enclosure and a built in 2A 12VDC power supply. Also available as a convenient KIT.


Compatible Hardware & Accessories

  • IRC-2000 series Integrated Reader Controllers
  • URC-2000 series High Density Universal Reader Controllers
  • URC-2008 Elevator Universal Reader Controller
  • EXITRDR IN/OUT read direction sensing module
  • LIF-200 TCP/IP network gateway
  • H485-USB Protocol converter
  • PC-100 Intrusion alarm panel interface (Contact RBH for compatible intrusion alarm panel models)
  • All readers with Wiegand output (Contact RBH for supported Card Formats)
  • All readers with Clock & Data output (Contact RBH for supported Card Formats)

Download the PDF Specification Sheet 
View the PDF Specification Sheet 




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